Are You An Existing Foster Carer?

At Unity Foster Carer we are aiming to stand out from other agencies in terms of the quality of support we offer our carers and valuing the young people in our care. Whilst we appreciate the fee element is important when considering an agency move, we know that some ‘therapeutic’ agencies advertise high fees. However, from carers transferring to us we know in reality to achieve these fee levels carers have to accept young people with very complex needs. This can be very stressful without a proper child centred support package in place.

At Unity we carefully match the skills and experience of the carer, and respect their wishes, when matching the needs of the young person who needs care. This means carers can choose the type and level of placement they feel comfortable with and the placement fee will be greater or lower accordingly.

Our higher level fees and support packages match any of the ‘therapeutic’ agencies.

Carers transferring with placements will, as a minimum, have their current financial package honoured. If and where the opportunity exists to improve you current package we will do so.

As an experienced carer you will have to undergo a new assessment, but this will be far easier and quicker than when you were first approved. We have managed a good number of  transfers and have progress quickly and without disruption to any children in placement.

Transferring is a big step and we are more than happy to have an informal chat with you and discuss your current situation and explore the reasons you wish to transfer. If we do not think we can improve your situation we will say. We recognise this is a big decision for you, so feel free to call 0333 77 22 333 for an informal & confidential chat or enquire here.

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