Types Of Foster Care

At Unity Foster Care, the needs of the child are at the forefront of our process. Each child has unique experiences or circumstances which can bring about specific challenges for foster carers. At Unity, we will discuss & agree which of the following categories of care you will be able to offer.

The main types of foster care placements are:

Respite Foster Care

Respite care is offered to existing carers to enable them to have a short break if they need it. You can provide respite care if you have an existing placement or when it suits you.

Emergency Foster Care

Emergency foster care placements are exactly what they sound like; short notice placements that can last from as little as one night, to a few days.

Short Term Fostering

Depending on the needs of the child, or what the Local Authority plans for their future, you could be providing short term care from as little as a few days to a couple of years.

Long Term Fostering

Some children and young people may need to stay in foster care for the duration of childhood. So long term foster care would mean that a child or young person remains with you until they are aged 18 and often beyond.

Disabilities Fostering

Disabilities covers a whole range of children with special needs. We have referrals for young people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mild disabilities, severe disabilities and sometimes life limiting conditions. Carers are not expected to be able to meet all these needs, subject to your home, your skills and experience you will only be available for the children whose needs you can meet.

Parent And Child Fostering

This type of foster care involves a parent and their child staying with a foster family. You will help to develop the parents’ parenting skills and build their confidence, allowing the parent to care for their own child.

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