Fostering Pay & Care Allowance

Unity Foster Carers get paid an allowance towards paying  for the day to day care of the young people they look after, plus a ‘fee’ as a reward for being foster carer. As any experience carer will tell you, the level of fee is frequently less important than the quality of support your agency offers you. Unity foster care have an extremely good reputation for the levels of support they offer their foster carers and the young people they look after.

At Unity Foster Care we believe the fees the agency and carers get paid should reflect the level of needs of the young person being looked after. We know from carers transferring to us that not only are our payments to carers amongst the best, but we are also know for our high levels of support.

There are some agencies advertising high fees payable to carers. Usually these agencies describe themselves as therapeutic. However, we know from people transferring to Unity that, to attain the high fees, carers are frequently pushed into accepting young people with very challenging behaviours which can be extremely emotionally and physically demanding.

At Unity we carefully match the skills and experience of the carer, and respect their wishes, when matching the needs of the young person. This means carers can choose the type and level of placement they feel comfortable with. The placement fee will be greater or lower according to the needs of the child. It also means we enjoy great placement stability in the long term.

We have carers offering higher support fostering from disabilities to attachment issues. We don’t force our carers to take high needs fostering placements. Our higher level fees and support packages match any of the ‘therapeutic’ agencies.

Carers transferring with placements will, as a minimum, have their current financial package honoured. If and where the opportunity exists to improve you current package we will do so.

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