Fostering Pay & Care Allowance

If money is your main focus, Unity probably isn’t the right agency for you.

We recognise that payment is important and our carers get highly competitive rates. However, Carers transferring to Unity and new applicants rightly recognise that the quality of the support offered by the agency is equally important. You need to know your support is there when you need it.

We believe that good matching is the key to long, successful and happy placements. Through matching we identify the child’s needs and through the placement process we identify and put in place the resources necessary to help you in the vital role as a foster carer.

Our placement types and the remuneration to our foster carers are all needs led. As a Unity Foster Carer you decide what level of care you want to provide, whether typical fostering or more complex needs. We have carers offering higher support fostering from disabilities to attachment issues through to people new to fostering who may specialise in sibling groups, parent or child placements. We work around your skills and experiences.

Carers transferring with placements will, as a minimum, have their current financial package honoured. If and where the opportunity exists to improve you current package we will do so.

For further information on money and finance, feel free to call 0333 77 22 333 for an informal chat or enquire here.

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