Activities to do with your foster child at Easter

5 ways to keep your foster children entertained this Easter!

It’s almost Easter! We love any excuse to eat chocolate, so the Easter weekend is always eagerly anticipated at Unity HQ! Why not make the bank holiday extra special by creating a fun-filled weekend for your foster children? Here are our 5 favourite ways to keep your foster kids entertained this Easter!

Egg hunt!

We’re starting off with a classic, because egg hunts are always a winner in our households! Get some small easter eggs, chocolates or sweets, and hide them around your house and garden. Let your foster children run wild on the search for chocolate – you could even leave clues or riddles for them to work out!

Make chocolate nests!

Fancy doing a bit of baking? Chocolate nests are easy to do, and taste delicious! Simply crush up some shredded wheat, mix in with melted chocolate, and decorate! From mini eggs to malteasers or even marshmallows, your foster child can decorate their chocolate nest however they like!

Egg race!

Ready…set…go! You could have hours of fun by setting up a little competition in your kitchen or garden. Get some eggs and various utensils, such as spoons or ladles, and compete against each other in an almighty egg race! You could even set up an obstacle course; but do so at your own risk!

Get green fingered!

What better time to plant some seeds than April? Whether it’s French marigolds, lillies or freesias; there are plenty of flowers you can sow in April! Why not try your hand at growing vegetables, too? Beetroot, carrots and cabbage are great options to plant in April!

DIY easter decorations!

If you have some coloured paper, card and string, why not get crafty with some homemade easter decorations? It’s a great way to let your foster children be crafty and have a day of fun! Cut out your paper in the shape of eggs, colour them in with fun patterns, and attach them to string to make your own easter-themed bunting!

These 5 family-friendly easter activities are perfect to do in the comfort of your own home, and your foster children will love them! If you give them a go, we’d love to see a picture! Send your photos to, and we’ll share them on social media!