Transferring to Unity Foster Care

At Unity Foster Care,  we understand that making a decision to transfer agencies can seem daunting and is something you have probably been considering for some time.

We will answer any questions that you have about the process and we will not, at this initial stage, share information about your situation with your current provider, until you have made your final decision.

We will manage your enquiry professionally and with confidentiality at all times.


Leave your details with us and we will be in touch to give you more information.

  • Our Foster Carers need to be car drivers and have easy access to a vehicle so they can transport their children to school, clubs and meetings.
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Reasons why people transfer agencies....

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Better support from their fostering agency

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To work with an independent agency that cares about their carers

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Moving into the area

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Increased likelihood of children and young people being placed with you

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Higher quality personal development and specialist training available

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Increased pay and a better benefits package

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Our great track record of looking after our carers and young people


Supporting our carers is one of our main priorities at Unity. We ensure all our foster carers feel well trained in dealing with any situation. We provide a 24/7 support line too, so if you are ever out of your comfort zone you can get in touch for advice at any time.

We also offer:

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12 days paid respite

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Participation activity days for carers and all foster family members

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Members of Foster Talk

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Regular support groups

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Celebration of children's achievements

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Bespoke training package for each carer

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A tight-knit team ready to support you 24/7


The assessment period for transfers is normally shorter than for new applicants. We can access information and references shared by your previous fostering service and there will be some training you won't have to redo. We will try to make your transfer seamless and ensure if you have children placed with you they are looked after through the process. Unity Foster Care follows the guiding principles from the Fostering Networks transfer protocol.


 We understand you may have some questions around the process so we compiled a list of the ones we get asked on a regular basis. 

Yes, you can transfer agencies with your current foster child. At Unity Foster Care we work in conjunction with the Fostering Networks Transfer Protocol.

The transfer protocol, clearly sets out the way in which transfers should be managed between independent fostering agencies or local authorities.

Yes, so long as you have the space and time to care for another child. Any additional placements will be made with due consideration to your home and approval categories and  of course, we need to ensure your current foster child and any new child in placement are well-matched and will be comfortable living with one another

Yes, any placement you have which transfers with you will remain on the same level, you will never receive less than you currently receive now and in some instances you may receive more. Any future placements will receive the Unity allowances.