I'm already a foster carer. Can I transfer to Unity Foster Care?

We understand that making a decision to transfer agencies can seem daunting, but at Unity Foster Care, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Whether you're ready to transfer or just looking at other options, we'd love to have a chat and see how we can help!

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Why do foster carers transfer to a different agency?

There are many reasons a foster parent may wish to transfer to a different agency, and it's not uncommon for a person to simply want to move on after a few years in the same agency. But why else do foster carers move agencies?

To receive better support more suited to their needs
To work with a highly-recommended agency
They may have recently moved to a new area
Unhappy with their current agency
Prefer an agency that offers specialised training courses
Increased pay and better benefits packages
Their current agency may not offer enough placements
Wanting to move to an independent, friendly agency

Why become a foster carer with Unity Foster Care?

We're an inclusive fostering agency and welcome all applicants to join our team!

We provide 12 days' paid respite for all our foster carers to enjoy!

We offer a very competitive fostering allowance and a benefits package!

Every foster parent at Unity Foster Care receives a free Foster Talk membership!

We provide accessible training courses both online and in-person!

Our team are on-call 24/7, so we're always there when you need us!

We organise regular catch-ups, events and meals for our carers and staff!

We love celebrating the achievements of our children & young people!

FAQs of fostering!

Yes, you can transfer agencies with your current foster child. At Unity Foster Care we work in conjunction with the Fostering Networks Transfer Protocol.

The transfer protocol, clearly sets out the way in which transfers should be managed between independent fostering agencies or local authorities.

Yes, so long as you have the space and time to care for another child. Any additional placements will be made with due consideration to your home and approval categories and  of course, we need to ensure your current foster child and any new child in placement are well-matched and will be comfortable living with one another

Yes, any placement you have which transfers with you will remain on the same level, you will never receive less than you currently receive now and in some instances you may receive more. Any future placements will receive the Unity allowances.

The assessment period for transfers is normally shorter than for new applicants. We can access information and references shared by your previous fostering service and there will be some training you won't have to redo. We will try to make your transfer seamless and ensure if you have children placed with you they are looked after through the process. Unity Foster Care follows the guiding principles from the Fostering Networks transfer protocol.