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Interested in becoming a foster carer?

Becoming a foster carer is a big decision. We have put together a bank of information on what it involves, some FAQs and the support/benefits you receive.


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Should or could I become a foster carer?

There’s a lot of things for you to consider before starting the process of becoming a Foster Carer. You'll find some information which may help you decide. If there is something you want to ask which isn't answered on this site, feel free to get in touch. We really don't mind.


 We understand you may have some questions around the process so we compiled a list of the ones we get asked on a regular basis. 

The start is by calling us or requesting a call back by completing the online enquiry form below. We’ll call you back for an informal and no commitment chat where we can answer any questions you may have. Our current recruitment process is regularly being updated dependant on the latest Government Guidance on social distancing due to COVID-19. We have a commitment to keeping you, our foster carers, our young people and our staff safe. If you want to read more click here

Unity Foster Care has a good reputation for offering high levels of support to its foster carers.  As a minimum, you’ll have…

  • An allocated social worker who is there to support you
  • Regular supervision meetings
  • Access to a network of other foster carers
  • Regular support groups
  • Paid breaks (we call this respite)
  • Access to our 24/7 365 support network and on call social workers
  • Access to a friendly office based team who are always willing to jump in and help
  • Access to specialist advice and guidance when needed

All our carers receive a generous fostering allowance for this vital task. The level of allowance varies depending on the needs of the young people you look after.

Transferring to Unity Foster Care

At Unity Foster Carer we aim to stand out from other agencies. We are known for offering high levels of support and we make placements based on good matching. We value our carers and aim to make stable long term placements in which young people can grow and develop.

If you are thinking of transferring, it’s important for us to understand the reasons you wish to move. Our approach is honest and we’ll tell you if we think your situation won’t improve with us.

If you do transfer to Unity and are currently looking after young people, as a minimum we’ll honour your current support package and fees.

As an experienced carer you will have to undergo a new assessment, but this will be far easier and quicker than when you were first approved. We have and continue to have a good number of carers transfer to us. We can progress your transfer quickly and without disruption to any children in placement.

Transferring is a big step and we are more than happy to have an informal chat with you and discuss your current situation and explore the reasons you wish to transfer. If we do not think we can improve your situation we will say. We recognise this is a big decision for you, so feel free to call 0333 77 22 333 for an informal & confidential chat or enquire below.

Unity Fostering Stories

Here's what some of our current foster parents have to say about becoming foster parents and what it has done for them and their foster children

"Foster caring allowed me to fill my house. Once my kids moved out the house was feeling a bit lonely and I wanted to help a child in need. I started Fostering with Unity Foster Care and they were amazing from application through to their ongoing support and training. They made the process simple and have always been on hand to help both in the process of application and in looking after my foster children."

"The 24/7 support has been great. The training provided was brilliant but occasionally your child can throw a curveball so having an expert on hand to get in touch with at all times brings piece of mind. I have loved working with my Supervising Support Worker she is so friendly, knowledgeable and forever there to support me. Thanks so much for everything you've done for me and my family.