Why Foster?

Many people find fostering a challenging, but highly rewarding experience.

The rewards are huge, varied and probably too many examples to list here, but let us give you a few examples:

A young person supported by his carers through education to gain an English degree. He arrived in their care aged 9 not able to read or write.

A young person coming back to visit, and for Sunday Lunch, when they’re adults and have their own families.

Supporting vulnerable young people who have been exploited or abused to take part in everyday life and experiences.

Seeing a neglected and abused young person smile for the first time in years

As with your own children, there can be tough times, but these make the bonfds and attachments stronger.


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  • Our Foster Carers need to be car drivers and have easy access to a vehicle so they can transport their children to school, clubs and meetings.
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Hear from our carers....

We would love to tell you why you should get into foster care but we think our foster carers would do a better job.

"When we were looking at IFAs, Unity really stood out.  We loved the whole set up, how Unity have an upper limit cap on foster carers so that the "family" feel isn't lost.  Everybody knows everybody else.  When you need to call the out of hours number for support, you generally speak to someone you know and have met.  There's a real openness and you really are "one of the team".  We have been VERY impressed at the training/support offered.  We're REALLY looking forward to a long partnership with Unity, if you're thinking about Fostering ... DO IT!  Having an initial home visit holds no obligations and the bubbly Sarah will give you an instant feel of what Unity is all about!"


"We just want to say a massive thank you for everything you've done, you have been a massive support to us both and we can't thank you enough, looking forward to continuing working with you in our journey as Foster carers thank you x"


"Unity seemed to be offering that high level of support for all concerned. I can state unreservedly that we have defiantly made the correct choice for us so far."


Who will I be looking after?

We have requests for foster placement for children of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and nationalities. Our assessment process will help identify the type of young person that would be suited to you, your skills and home, but also what type of young person would best benefit from being part of your family.

We are always desperately looking for families who can look after siblings and particularly large sibling groups to avoid them be split up. Being separated from siblings can cause long term and lasting damage to children . So we will always priories and fast track applications for people who can provide a home for 2 or more children.

Some children may have experienced trauma in their young lives and may be suffering from the effects of neglect or abuse. The may have come into care in emergency circumstances. These experiences can lead to emotional or behavioural problems, but with our support and training and you providing a safe, warm & loving home with clear boundaries, they can make huge progress and lead normal happy lives. Many carers will say that it is the more challenging children that they feel the closest to and the most proud of.

Where ever possible we tried to avoid children coming into care. So we also have requests for placements for new parents so that our foster carers can teach them how to care for their babies.

As a new carer you will receive support and we will help you grow into the role of being a successful foster carer.

How we support our Foster Carers....

You will receive preparation and training from Unity Foster Care before any placement is made. You will be asked to consider the impact upon yourself and your family and of any placement you may consider.

Intensive support will be provided during the initial stages of a placement. This will reduce to monthly visits by your Supervising Social Worker only if, and when the placement is settled. However, throughout any placement, support will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will also be entitled to respite support to enable you to get a break.

Why we think you should foster....

There will always be a need for foster carers and a need to recruit more. There is a national shortage of foster carers and this needs to change. Due to these shortages, some children are being placed with amazing foster carers but this may not be fully compatible with their family life.  Whereas we match up foster children and foster carers, to ensure everyone is in the best place they can be. An example of this may be a young person who is in their GCSE year, who needs a family who are used to working with older children and teenagers. Instead, they could be placed with a foster carer who usually works with younger children, and they may need to move to another foster placement which would disrupt their learning. This is why we need your help.

People are drawn to foster caring for a number of reasons and sometimes you can't put your finger on what it is. Our foster carers told us they got into it for the following reasons:

  • Able to fill the void left when their children left home and create a family environment for a child in care.
  • Some people loved bringing up their families and wanted to put their acquired skills to use.
  • Some want to help a child in need.
  • Some people have been through the care system themselves, and want to give something back to another child.


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