Could you foster a child or young person in Durham?

Interested in fostering? We're looking for caring, kind and considerate people to become foster parents for children in the Durham area.

With full training provided, constant support and a generous fostering allowance, why not start your fostering journey with Unity Foster Care?

Foster family

Why should you foster children & young people in Durham?

Being a foster carer for children in the North East is an incredibly rewarding experience, and by joining our fostering agency, you get to join a leading independent fostering agency doing amazing things for children in need!

Not only is fostering beneficial for the foster child, but becoming a foster parent gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your own skills, and helps you build confidence for your own life; whether that's by giving you tips to handle specific behaviours in children, or even first aid training!

Who can foster a child?

It takes a strong-willed, passionate person to become a foster carer, but we believe it's a role worth applying for! Our basic eligibility criteria to become a foster carer is:

  • Aged 25+
  • Have a spare bedroom
  • Be a UK citizen

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Why choose Unity Foster Care?

As a local, friendly independent fostering agency, we pride ourselves on being a child-focused agency determined to support both the children and foster carers as much as possible. But why else should you become a foster carer with Unity Foster Care?

Our foster carer buddy programme ensures you have constant support!

We're a local fostering agency based in Newton Aycliffe and Leeds!

You'll receive FREE regular training courses to help grow your skills!

We offer a generous fostering allowance & benefits package!

FAQs of fostering!

First and foremost, fostering provides a safe, stable and caring home for children who are unable to live with their birth parents. From toddlers to teenagers, thousands of young people are placed into care every year, increasing the demand for foster carers across the UK.

Working closely with the Local Authority, we carefully match foster carers with children to ensure a long-lasting, healthy relationship can be formed, which will ultimately help the young person grow and develop.

The average application takes between 4-6 months to complete, but can differ depending on the situation. However, we like to get you to our fostering panel in the shortest time possible.

There are several stages to the application process, including:

  • Telephone screening/home visit
  • Home assessment
  • References & checks
  • Fostering panel
  • Final decision

You can find out more about the process of becoming a foster carer here!

We'd recommend starting your application as soon as possible to get the ball rolling!

Whilst we do occasionally need to find homes for babies and toddlers, it's more common for us to place children aged 8+. Therefore, we ask all our potential applicants to have an open mind with who they will foster! 

Unity Foster Care are an LGBTQ+ friendly fostering agency, and we're proud to already work with several same-sex couples and people from the LGBTQ+ community!

We also offer LGBTQ+ training courses to our foster carers, to help them understand the struggles a child may face when accepting their sexuality. To find out more, click here!

Anyone can become a foster carer! As long as you're over the age of 25 with a spare bedroom and a UK citizenship, you're eligible for fostering! 

Unity Foster Care are an inclusive agency and welcome all applicants, including single parents, senior couples and members of the LGBTQ+ community!

Yes! We understand that welcoming a foster child into your home can have a financial impact. As a guide, we offer between £350-£750 per week when your placement starts. As well as our very generous allowance, we provide free training and regular social events to say thanks for all your hard work!

You can find out more about our fostering pay by visiting our fostering pay and allowances page!

The role of a foster carer is about providing security and guidance to a young person in need. You'll be their foster parent, friend, mentor and advisor - all wrapped in one!

As well as a home to live in, you'll also provide financial and emotional support to your foster child, and help them in whatever way they need. This may be homework, new clothes or even just as a friend to talk to when they're upset.

Working with your Supervising Social Worker, you'll ensure your foster child feels safe and secure in their new home. You'll also be responsible for taking them to school/college and keeping a diary of their daily activities, so your SSW and the Local Authority can make sure your foster child is settled and flourishing in their new environment!