Frequently Asked Foster Care Questions (FAQs)

The start is by calling us or requesting a call back by completing the online enquiry form below. We’ll call you back for an informal and no commitment chat where we can answer any questions you may have. Our current recruitment process is regularly being updated dependant on the latest Government Guidance on social distancing due to COVID-19. We have a commitment to keeping you, our foster carers, our young people and our staff safe.

You will have a choice in who you offer care to. The fostering assessment will also help identify which group of young people you’ll be best suited to provide care for. This could be younger children, teenagers, young parents, children with special needs, life limiting illnesses or a wide range of needs. We will also provide training to help you increase your skills and abilities.

At Unity Foster Care we have requests for foster carers for all ages of children, sibling groups, children with special needs, with disabilities and even for foster homes who can advise young Parents on how to look after their children.

Your fostering assessment will help us identify your skills and abilities and the type of young person you’d be able to care for.

Unity Foster Care has a good reputation for offering high levels of support to its foster carers.  As a minimum, you’ll have…

  • An allocated social worker who is there to support you
  • Regular supervision meetings
  • Access to a network of other foster carers
  • Regular support groups
  • Paid breaks (we call this respite)
  • Access to our 24/7 365 support network and on call social workers
  • Access to a friendly office based team who are always willing to jump in and help
  • Access to specialist advice and guidance when needed

All our carers receive a generous fostering allowance for this vital task. The level of allowance varies depending on the needs of the young people you look after.

If you only want to foster babies, you’d be better approaching your local authority to be a foster carer with them. However, we have an urgent need for Parent and Child Foster Carers – these are placements where you help teach  a young parent to look after their baby within your home. Call us to find out more.

As well as the initial Skills to Foster Training, we have a detailed training program which you’d be expected to commit to. This will help widen your knowledge, skills and confidence as a foster carer.

If you are worried about a past offense which you think may stop you from becoming a foster carer, give us a call and have a chat. We’ll be able to advise you once we know a bit more.

Most definitely yes. Foster Children are expected to have their own rooms and privacy, but under certain circumstances siblings can share a room.

There are no legal age limits to becoming a foster carer. However, Unity have a lower age limit of 25 years. There is not an upper age limit, but much depends on the type of fostering you want to undertake. If in doubt, call us and have a chat.

Yes. We have many single male and female carers.

We have many carers from the LGBT community and we’d always welcome more.

Call us today for an informal chat on 0333 77 22 333 or complete the brief enquiry form below and we’ll call you back.

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