Frequently Asked Foster Care Questions (FAQs)

What support would I have as a foster care?

You will be part of a team. You will have a dedicated supervising social worker visiting regularly. Professional support is available by phone 24 hours a day. You can be linked to an experienced foster carer if necessary and there will be local foster carer support groups to attend. You will have ongoing training to help you develop your skills. We know it is very important that you always feel supported.

Do all foster carers have training?

Fostering is a professional role and all foster carers have training. The training is to help you do the job as well as possible and to help keep children safe. People sometimes worry that it’s a long time since they did any training. Don’t be concerned, the approach to training is friendly, there’s the chance to meet other foster carers and it makes you feel more confident in your work.

Do foster carers get a say in who is placed with them?

Getting the right match for a child is very important. It’s vital that you and your home is suitable for the child and the child or young person can fit into your family, and benefit from what you have to offer. Therefore, before any child or young person is placed there are discussions between you and the team, and all available information is shared, enabling you to make an informed decision.

What if I have a police record?

This does not automatically preclude you – it depends on a number of things such as type of offence, how long ago it was and the circumstances at the time. The best approach is to have an early chat with us.

I rent – can I still foster?

Yes, you will need a secure tenancy agreement and the landlord’s written permission.

If you can’t find the information that you require or you still have questions about foster care just complete this brief form and we will call you back or call us for free on 0333 77 22 333. We’re happy to help and you will not be pushed or committed to anything by speaking to us..

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