What's the process to becoming a foster carer?

As you can imagine, there are a lot of background checks and an assessment to make sure you are safe and fostering is right for you, but don't let that put you off. We have families from all walks of life and backgrounds and they're doing amzing things for children.

We've got some further information and a FAQs section for you below.....


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  • Our Foster Carers need to be car drivers and have easy access to a vehicle so they can transport their children to school, clubs and meetings.
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The road to becoming an approved foster carer isn’t a short one; it requires a lot of time, effort, preparation and dedication; however, once approved, it may be the most fulfilling thing you ever do.  The process has to be robust and thorough in order to ensure you are as fully prepared as possible for the task of caring for children.

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 We understand you may have some questions around the process so we compiled a list of the ones we get asked on a regular basis. 

Normally the process takes 6 months from start to finish but there can be variations on that due to circumstances.

We need Foster Carers from the whole community, all ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences are considered; it takes lots of different types of people to become a good foster carer; Unity Foster Care, throughout its assessment process will help you understand and decide what is best for you, and your family.

Foster Carers come from many different backgrounds

You may be;

  • Single, married, in a Civil Partnership or living with a partner
  • Working or unemployed
  • Be a homeowner or renting
  • Have your own children or none at all

What’s most important is that you;

  • Care about children and can work with their families
  • Are willing to learn
  • Can work with other organisations involved in their care
  • Have the physical space and time in your life
  • Have patience and resilience

Once we have conducted an initial visit and assessment of your home, you will be provided with an Application Pack.  You will need to complete certain forms and return them to us.  Once received we will commence the statutory checks and arrange a medical with your GP. You will be allocated an Assessing Social Worker, who will conduct your assessment.  This will include enquiries into your background, character, health and your overall family circumstances, plus your experiences and strengths as a carer.  Once the Assessing Social Worker has completed their assessment, they prepare a report about you called a Form F.  This Form F is then presented to our fostering panel once you have signed to confirm its accuracy.  The Fostering Panel is made up of people from Health, Education, Foster Care and other appropriately experienced people, who make recommendations to approve foster carers. 

We undertake various checks on applicants and members of their household. These are some of the checks we do;

  • Identity Checks – to confirm your identity and address
  • Relationship Status – to ascertain that you are single or in a stable relationship
  • Personal References – to get the viewpoint of people that know you well and can discuss your previous experiences with children and how you can transfer these skills to fostering
  • Health Checks – to confirm that you can cope physically and mentally with the demands of caring for children
  • Enhanced DBS Checks – on you and other household members aged 18 years and over. This is to ensure that a child in your care would not be at risk. 

As part of the assessment, you will be expected to attend a short training programme known as ‘Skills to Foster’.

Foster Care can be a demanding task.  You will certainly need good health, an understanding of the difficulties faced by parents and a commitment to the welfare of children which is shared and support by all family members. 


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