How to Foster A Child like Ben

Could you help a boy like Ben?

Ben is a sweet, caring and clever little boy who loves nothing more than kicking a football around the park.  He’s a popular little boy at school but can sometimes struggle to maintain friendships. He gets a bit jealous of the other boys and girls, whose mums pick them up from the school gate every day.

Unfortunately, Ben’s mum died in a house fire when he was only four years old. He has spent the last year living with his grandparents, but they are unable to care for him any longer due to their own poor health.  Ben’s grandparents haven’t been able to help him come to terms with the loss of his mum in the way he needed, and this has started to have a negative impact on his ability to cope with school life.

Ben desperately needs a family who can help him cope with the grief he feels about losing his mum. He needs a family who can support him to build emotional resilience and learn coping techniques so he can grow into a confident young person.

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