Sophie & Teddy

Sophie & Teddy!

Sophie is a bright and energetic seven year old who loves nothing more than spending time with her little brother Teddy.  Unfortunately, both of Sophie’s parents have battled with substance misuse for many years and have struggled to give both children the love, attention and care they need. Both children have suffered serious neglect which has had a massive impact on their physical and emotional growth.

They have been living with their elderly grandmother who has problems with her mobility and significant problems with deteriorating mental health. Sophie’s grandmother has been brave and admitted that she ca no longer cope with caring for both children on her own. Sophie loves her brother so much and is scared that they will be separated.

Sophie enjoys school but struggles to concentrate as she constantly worries about her little brother and whether her grandmother is managing to care for him while she is out of the house. Sophie has taken on a caring role for her brother, and she has had to grow up much quicker than other children in her class.

She needs a loving home where both her and Teddy can be cared for and given all they need to thrive. Could you offer a home like this?

If you have the time to care for children like Sophie and Teddy, please start your application here or call 0333 77 22 333 now!