80% of the UK population have siblings*. These relationships are often the longest-lasting relationships in a child’s life. For young people being fostered, the bond with their siblings can provide a sense of security and stability during a time of uncertainty.

An estimated 37% of children with a sibling –20,000 children – are separated from each other when placed in care.**

At Unity Foster Care, we work extremely hard to prevent brothers and sisters from being separated and will always try our very best to keep them together. However, this requires foster carers who can provide more than one spare bedroom.

Although in certain circumstances, siblings can share a room, ideally each young person needs to have their own room to provide them with their own space and private time. Foster carers who have more than one spare room are encouraged to consider caring for sibling groups.

In this blog, we explore some of the many benefits of keeping siblings together…

Fostering siblings allows them to lean on each other for emotional support during difficult times. Whether it’s comforting each other after a tough day at school or sharing memories of their past, siblings provide a sense of belonging and companionship that is irreplaceable. By fostering siblings together, you can create a nurturing environment where they can thrive and grow together.

For children entering foster care, everything familiar is suddenly disrupted. Being placed with a sibling can provide a sense of continuity and familiarity amidst the uncertainty. They can navigate this new chapter of their lives together, relying on each other for comfort and reassurance. By keeping siblings together, we help maintain a sense of normalcy and routine, which is essential for their overall well-being.

Sibling relationships play a crucial role in shaping a child’s identity. Siblings share a unique bond formed by shared experiences, memories, and family ties. By fostering siblings together, you can ensure that they can preserve their identity and heritage. They can celebrate their cultural traditions, language, and customs together, strengthening their connection to their roots.

Fostering siblings enables them to address any past challenges or traumas in a supportive and understanding environment. Together, they can share their experiences, offer comfort, and work through difficult emotions. This collaborative approach fosters resilience and healing as they support each other on their fostering journey. By fostering siblings together, you can create a nurturing space where they can heal and grow stronger, building a foundation for a brighter future.

Fostering siblings can lay the foundation for lifelong bonds that extend beyond their time in care. The shared experiences and memories created during their time together can form the basis of a strong and enduring relationship. Even after they leave foster care, siblings can continue to support and lean on each other as they navigate adulthood.

Fostering siblings is not without its challenges, but the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. If you are considering becoming a foster carer and have more than one spare bedroom, we encourage you to open your heart and home to siblings in need. With 24/7 access to a social worker, we are dedicated to supporting our foster carers with any challenges they may face.

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