Fostering in Middlesbrough

There are many different reasons why people like you choose to become foster carers but the big reasons are

It’s hugely rewarding

Being a foster Carer is amazingly rewarding: you help improve a child’s life chances, you see them develop and mature into independent young adults. They can become important members of your family.

It gives you a strong sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment

Many foster Carers get long-term satisfaction from knowing they are doing something that is really beneficial. Fostering can generate a sense of purpose, of satisfaction and of fulfilment. The relationship you develop with your foster child can also become lifelong and hugely positive.

It can be a career

There are significant financial rewards for fostering but, just as importantly, there are emotional rewards of feeling you are making a difference, of contributing positively to society and of helping out a child who may have had a really tough start in life. For many foster carers, fostering is a real career that they can enjoy.


As a foster carer you will be respected by many people for the hugely important role you do. Many will admire your contribution to society and to the well-being of youngsters.There are very few other jobs where what you do contributes so much to society as fostering does and, of course, what you do for a child benefits them enormously.

You get a feeling of achievement

To help nurture a developing child who may have had a pretty difficult start in life to become a young, capable and independent adult gives you a great sense of achievement.

You get paid well

Foster carers get paid well to look after and create a good home for foster children. It’s a role that society respects and rewards you for. People who treat fostering as a career can do very well from the steady income they get.

So where does Unity Foster Care come in to this?

We are an Ofsted registered 'Good' fostering agency that works with people in your area to help them decide whether fostering is right for them and their family.

Many people would love to foster but feel they wouldn't get approved due to different factors and events in their lives. If this is you, please talk to us and we'll help you make an informed decision about fostering. People with varied life experiences can make excellent foster carers and we're best placed to give you advice.

We support you

We provide loads of support for new foster carers including

Helping you understand:

  • The approval process
  • What is involved
  • How it works
  • What happens at each step of the way
  • How long it takes to get started
  • What you need to provide (you must have a spare bedroom!)

Supporting you during fostering:

  • Providing you with advice, guidance and occasionally a shoulder to lean on
  • Making sure you get paid regularly and reliably
  • Helping you with potential support issues
  • Providing you with annual time-off to recharge your batteries

We work alongside many foster carers, who like you, started their journey to fostering with Unity. Read what they have to say about us!

"I didn't think someone like me would ever be able to foster. I have so much to give & I am so grateful for Unity for giving me that opportunity to help a child in need."


" We just want to say a massive thank you for everything you've done, you have been a massive support to us both and we can't thank you enough, looking forward to continuing working with you in our journey as Foster carers thank you."


"Unity seemed to be offering that high level of support for all concerned. I can state unreservedly that we have definitely made the correct choice for us so far."


Get in touch with us today for an initial and totally informal and friendly chat or request a call back just to find out more about fostering, about Unity, what’s involved and how we can help. We’d love to hear from you - Ask us anything!

Get in touch today!

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