The Fostering Family: A Poem by KS

One of our Unity Foster Care birth children has written an amazing poem about fostering, which you can read below…

Long, long ago, when fish walked and humans flew,
There was a fostering family,
The family of Blue.
And in this family was a young girl,
Younger than me and younger than you,
In the family, the family of Blue.

She was special,
This girl had a superpower,
The biggest superpower of all,
She was fostered.
What made this a superpower
Was that her family chose her,
Unlike her friends,
She was chosen.

So, if you are fostered, it’s not your weakness, it’s your superpower.
So just remember each time you are sad,
Each time you are mad,
There is something inside of you,
The superpower of the family Blue.

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