Foster Care Fortnight 2023 – Jan & Nikki’s Story!

Jan & Nikki have been foster carers with Unity Foster Care for 1 year, and have already made a huge impact on children & young people’s lives! Based in the north east, they work closely with their Supervising Social Worker, Terri, to ensure their three foster children are thriving in their new home!

We asked Jan & Nikki about their first year of fostering with Unity Foster Care:

Why did you want to become foster carers for children & young people?

Nikki: “We wanted to become foster carers to give children a chance to enjoy family life, and feel loved and safe!”

Jan: “I wanted to become a foster carer to give other children the quality of life my own birth children had.”

The theme for Foster Care Fortnight 2023 is #FosteringCommunities. What does a fostering community mean to you?

Nikki: “Being in a fostering community is a chance to meet up with other carers, gain more knowledge, and meet new friends.”

Jan: “To me, being in a fostering community is having the opportunity to regularly get together and meet new foster carers!”

If you could give advice to someone interested in becoming a foster carer, what would it be?

Nikki: “Fostering a child does impact on your personal life…but it’s well worth it!”

Jan: “Do it! It’s the best thing I have ever done.”

We couldn’t agree more with Jan & Nikki’s advice on fostering! Although it’s a lifestyle change, it’s truly one of the best decisions you could make! If you’d like to start your fostering journey with Unity Foster Care, start your application here or call 0333 77 22 333 today!