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Today, we’re going behind the scenes at Unity Foster Care. We’re giving you an exclusive, backstage look at everything from how Unity was set up, and what happens day-to-day. Special thanks to our fabulous team members, Lisa, Debbie and Isma, who took the time to  answer these questions.

So, let’s get started!

Lisa, the Team Manager, tells us where she got the inspiration for the name Unity, and describes the biggest challenge when starting the company. 

Where did you get the idea for the company name?

Lots of different names were thought about and I  really wanted Liberty (but it was already taken)! I had a think about what Liberty meant as in independence, freedom, self rule, and self determination. I thought of other words associated with Liberty and Unity was one of them, which means being undivided, integration, collaboration, solidarity and togetherness,  and these are all the things that were integral to setting up a fostering agency that included everyone. – Lisa 

When setting up, what was the biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was the fact that I was working elsewhere in a job that I really liked with a fabulous team of people, and I had to leave that post (no regrets as I ❤️ Unity!!!!), but the team were everything you want in people and it was sad to leave them. – Lisa

Debbie tells us what an average day as an Office Manager entails at Unity Foster Care, and what she enjoys most about working in foster care. 

What’s an average day like working at Unity?

Wonderful! My day is varied as I am sometimes speaking to people on the telephone, meeting them in the office or communicating by email. My job is the Office Manager and I deal with ordering, queries, new enquiries, existing foster carers, potential placements, the post and visitors just to mention a few.  We are constantly discussing and changing ways to improve our service. Our office is very welcoming and I enjoy people calling in for a drink with us.- Debbie 

What do you enjoy most about working in foster care?

Being part of ‘Making a Difference’. – Debbie 

Here’s where Isma, the Registered Manager, reveals why Unity Foster Care was set up, and where she sees the company’s future. 

What made you want to set up a foster care agency? 

We felt there was a definite need for a small, friendly, non-corporate, ’boutique’ type fostering agency, where carers felt included and part of a wider family of foster carers. We wanted to create an agency that offered foster carers, children and young people really high levels of support and service. And ultimately, we just wanted to play a small part in helping children and young people exceed expectations and fulfil their potential.

Where do you see Unity Foster Care in a year’s time? 

With a growing excellent reputation across the region, and with happy carers, children and young people.

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