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Undoubtedly, blogs are a very useful source of information for foster carers and potential foster carers. We love reading blogs, and writing a blog for that matter – so we’ve compiled a list of the best foster care orientated blogs and articles. We hope you find this round-up as helpful as we did!

The Fostering Network Blog

The Fostering Network is, unsurprisingly, the UK’s largest fostering charity. Their blog is packed full of helpful stuff on just about anything. Their blog gives lots of valuable advice and information on fostering and is updated on a regular basis.

‘The Best Job I’ve Ever Done’

This article comes from The Guardian and although published way back in 2011, it still remains relevant today. It discusses the need and shortage of foster care families in the UK. The article also includes some perspectives from long-term foster carers, which is quite inspirational and heart-warming to read. This article is definitely a must on our reading list!

Rewards in Foster Parenting: Rewards in Love 

Written for the Huffington Post, Dr John Degarmo, a leading expert in the foster care field, discusses his experiences as a 13 year-long foster parent. He talks about how he intially viewed fostering before he became a foster carer, and the invaluable rewards of foster carering that are often over-looked. This is an American post so there are some aspects discussed that differ in the UK.

CoramBAAF Blog 

CoramBAAF (cool name) works as an ‘Adoption & Fostering Academy’ to provide tons of information on the questions you want answered. Click here for the most in-depth page on foster care you’ve ever seen. Their blog is updated frequently and contains stories and advice from real people.

We’ve tried to keep our list concise but if we’ve missed anything you feel is important do let us know via our social media sites.

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Until next time, thanks for reading!


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