A Few Words From Lisa, Team Manager

Hi all

I hope you’ve enjoyed the summer and are now back into the swing of school runs, and enjoying what’s left of the sun.

I just wanted to share a couple of things with you this week:

I received a letter from the lovely Poppy telling me all about the family’s trip to Legoland; it was an absolute pleasure to read, so thank you Poppy, for taking the time to write to us.

Also this weekend I attended a very special party. I have a god daughter (Amy), who is married to a lovely guy (Richard) and they have a gorgeous little boy called Ethan. Ethan was a very ill baby, having his first operation at just 4 weeks old to remove his gall bladder. Unfortunately, this did not resolve his health issues, and he actually needed a new liver. A very traumatising 6 months went by for Ethan and his parents. And then in August last year, they received the news that a liver donor had been identified and matched to Ethan. Ethan’s transplant took place just 12 months ago, and the party at the weekend was to celebrate his journey and how well and healthy he is now. It’s amazing to see how far he has come and pulled through in his life. And whilst we, at the party were actively celebrating this little boy’s life, somewhere, his donor’s family were grieving the loss of their daughter. Ethan’s parents, Amy and Richard were really mindful of this and were only too aware that without this loss, Ethan may not have been with them today.

Ethan before and after his transplant.
Ethan before and after his transplant.

Amy and Richard have received so much help and support from their friends, family and the medical professionals that they are now on a mission to give back as much as they can. They would encourage everyone to give blood, to sign up to the donor register and discuss this with your nearest and dearest. They have raised funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital by undertaking a Tough Mudder 10K challenge, and all donations given to Ethan at the weekend were sent to the Ronald McDonald Charity, who provided Amy and Richard with a family home when Ethan was in Hospital.  And whilst the party was about celebrating Ethan, it was also about remembering his donor, and her family who are constantly in Ethan’s parent’s thoughts.


I just wanted to share my weekend with you and say that It would be fantastic if we could all give blood at some stage in our lives, and consider, (and join) the donor register, as there are lots of other little Ethans out there.

Take care and see you all soon.

Lisa x

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