Halloween Costume & Party Ideas

Hello everyone, happy October!

Halloween is fast approaching and we’ve scoured the internet for the best child costume and party ideas …you’re welcome. We’ve tried to find the best and the cheapest, and some are even DIY! We hope you find this post useful.

Costume Ideas

Witch Costume

A Witch

You can’t go wrong with this classic. It’s on the less scarier side than some other costumes so definitely child-friendly. We found this particular costume from ASDA which you can get by clicking here. The price starts from £8 and is available from ages 5-12. It’s also got a 5-star review. Which witch costume will it be….



Again this is another classic. There’s loads of variations possible here, with costumes of Batman, Captain America and every superhero under the sun easily available. This one pictured is from Very.co.uk, it’s £18 and looks of great quality. Again it has a 5-star review. Very.co.uk is a VERY good place to look for inspiration this halloween, pardon the pun. Nonetheless,  a simple Superman top would work just as well.

Or, even more fun, let your kids design their own super hero. Click here for step-to-step instructions.

A Pink Lady

This is a popular costume choice that can be easily created by things you already have at home. It’s very simple but cool at the same time. If you’re looking for Halloween inspiration then Pinterest is a great website to check out. They have loads of creative ideas.

A Cat

This is another ridiculously simple idea found on Pinterest. All you need is a bit of trusty face paint, black clothes and some cat ear headbands. Perfect for those who leave things till the last minuet (i.e. most of us…)

Corn Costume

Corn Costume

This one is genius! We found this on the Today’s Parent article with 51 easy halloween ideas. Click here to have a look at them all. In order to achieve this look, just follow these instructions: “cut the bottom half off an 18-egg carton and paint the bumpy side with yellow paint. Once dry, hot glue your kernels to an old yellow shirt. Glue raffia to a hair band.”

Party Ideas

Mummy Wrap

This was found on Sugar Bee Crafts and looks like a lot of fun. It involves a lot of toilet paper and that’s it! In order to play, you give two teams a couple of toilet paper rolls each and set a timer. A member of the team volunteers to be wrapped and the team who wraps the most wins. Click here for more in-depth instructions.

what's in the bowl

Mysterious Bowl

This game is perfect for children as it is perfect for the imagination. Basically, children have to guess what’s in the bowl (without looking). You can use jelly, spaghetti or anything you have in your kitchen cupboard. Click here for a full briefing.


Pin The BOO! On The Ghost

This was created by the Pleasantest Thing which takes a twist of the classic party game – pin the tail on the donkey. To work out how to do it yourself, just click this link where you’ll also find three other fab halloween games. You could make your own version too, such as pin the wart on the witch.


Secret Message Pumpkins

These look like so much fun to create and will definitely go down a treat at a children’s halloween party. Click here to get the full how-to at Reading Confetti.

treasure hunt

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a good treasure hunt, especially children. You can get very creative here and personalise it greatly. For full details just click here for the relevant post on the Imagination Soup website.

Thanks for reading, happy halloween!

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